Want more oomph (and results!) from your direct mail?


If you want people to read your direct mail, you have to give them a damn good reason. The easiest way is to appeal to their emotions.

Give these 7 key copy drivers* a try (BTW, odd numbers pull better, always have). The headlines given as examples are real, written by John Caples.**

1. Fear. This ranges from fear of something life-threatening to fear of embarrassment.

Do you make these mistakes in English?

2. Greed. This word has negative connotations, but it really means wanting something beyond the basic necessities of life (food, water, shelter).

Be $2,278 richer

3. Anger. Here’s another emotion that ranges from mild to off-the-charts. Use it.

Are they being promoted right over your head?

4. Exclusivity. Everybody wants to be on some sort of “A list,” a member of “the club.”

A wonderful two years’ trip at full pay — but only men with imagination can take it

5. Guilt. Who doesn’t ever feel guilt?

Is the life of a child worth $1 to you?

6. Salvation. We all need saving from something — even if it’s just a bad hair day.

Everywhere women are raving about this amazing new shampoo

7. Flattery. They say it will get you everywhere. See if it will get you more sales.

New cake-improver gets you compliments galore!

* Check out “Tested Advertising Methods” by John Caples, published in 1932. The words may seem quaint, but the tenets hold true. You might also browse through — or study thoroughly Mr. Caples’ book “How to Make Your Advertising Make Money.” It’s considered by many to be the “bible” of direct response