Has your LEAD GEN program dried up?


1. Define your ideal prospects

The more time you spend on this step, the more qualified leads you’ll generate, and the more prospects you’ll convert to sales. As with any marketing program, it’s critical to have an ideal prospect in mind. It can be helpful to create a virtual persona, someone you would sit down with and talk with. Define what they look like and what voice they use, what emotional and tangible needs they have, what you can offer to meet those needs, what your direct and indirect competitors are offering, where your ideal prospect “lives,” what their everyday activities might include, and what channels they prefer to receive information from. This defining exercise will inform your program strategy, including all messaging and the selection of integrated channels. This sounds like common sense, and it is. But it’s surprising how many companies don’t do deep prospect homework — with no surprise that their leads are few or not qualified.

2. Develop a strategy with clear, measurable goals

Depending upon your business and the length of your sales cycle, you may have
an overarching objective and/or goals specific to product or service lines. In each
case, you’ll want to set measurable goals — XX qualified leads in a quarter,
XX% leads more than last year, XX% better conversion to sale, etc. From there,
develop media and content strategies. Measure, tweak and test results until you
are consistently making your goals and satisfying ROI.

3. Always, always, always spell out a call to action (CTA)

You’ve engaged a prospect and have their attention. Don’t lose them! Tell them exactly what action to take and what they’ll get in return. Then, make it easy for them to respond. It’s direct marketing 101, ramped up for all channels. Free, limited time, win a prize, get a coupon, be the first in your circle of friends — download now, enter today, order right here, call for more info. There are as many winning offer/CTA combos as there are prospective customers. Just remember one word: relevance. Be sure your offer and CTA are relevant within the context of the media channel and to the needs/desires of the reader/viewer.