Has your SOCIAL MEDIA dropped in popularity?


1. Better dead than un-read

This is so obvious, it’s almost cheating to give it as a tip. If you are going to engage in social media — b2c or b2b — you have to keep it lively. It is better to not be on a social site at all than to put up a few posts and then let the site languish. (We’re guilty of this ourselves and are going to get right on it as soon as we finish this landing page.) If prospects and customers find you online, click to follow, and don’t get regular updates, they’ll wander away. Make social media management a job responsibility, a full-time position, or a dedicated department, depending upon the size of your organization.

2. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey

Social media is media. You don’t buy TV, implement a direct mail campaign, or reserve a booth at a trade show without a strategy. Treat social as you do your other channels. Set objectives, define your target audience(s), specify a budget, review your media options, and develop creative content. Build in metrics so you know if you are meeting your goals. Monitor and track activity — not just visits or likes, but impact on your awareness, audience reach, leads, or sales objectives. As with all media, conversion is key. Test and tweak. Keep what works, rework or shut down what doesn’t. Stay on your strategic path and don’t get distracted by the “it” site of the day.

3. All about online is right there, online

Digital is the darling in marketing communications and “experts” abound. Open your browser, put in any topic relating to social media, and you’ll get an abundance of tips from a wide range of view points. Check out the sites that seem relevant and make a list of sources that may offer information of value to you as you compare platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. As go-to sources, we particularly like Forbes www.forbes.com/social-media and AdAge Digital www.adage.com/channel/digital/20. And don’t forget to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing.