Three tips of getting the most out of direct mail.



1. Think tactile

There’s research* out there that says “physical media [leaves] a ‘deeper imprint’ on the brain” than messaging you can’t pick up and touch. You’ll find a link below to this research, which we read about in Forbes. It’s more evidence for what we’ve known for decades: direct mail works. Even in — especially in — this digital, data-driven marketing age.


2. Use direct mail strategically

Mail can get results on its own. And there are so many formats to choose from. Use simple, inexpensive postcards to blast your message to a wide audience. Or capture intel and email addresses with a self-mail survey.

If your prospect and/or customer data is in good shape — aggregated, segregated, and ready for targeting — take advantage of variable printing to go one-to-one, delivering relevant information and offers. If you have a complex, feature-packed product to explain, mail gives you the real estate you need to tell a compelling story. If you sell high-ticket products or services — have a long sales cycle — or you’ve built a select list of top prospects or customers — you can go big tactile with “dimensional” mailers for higher visibility and response. These can range from attention-getting shapes and pop-ups to packages that include promotional items.

Mail is a support star, too. Use it as a teaser to drive people to a website, Facebook page, or mini-site. And it’s always useful as a companion to other media in your integrated campaign.

 3. Don’t guess, test

Wonder if direct mail will work for you? Test it. Searching for the most sales attracting offer? Test within a mail program. Want to know how direct mail stacks up against an email campaign? Test it! If you’d like to see if adding another sense to touch can boost response, test a scratch-and-sniff. Just test!


*Take a look at that research we mentioned: