06 15

Have a bank customer conversion coming up?

Pick your favorite metaphor for bank acquisition conversions – heart surgery during a marathon? Tunneling with a busted teaspoon? Why so bad? There’s plenty of blame to go around. If nothing else, conversions are insanely complicated with huge consequences for failure. … Continue reading

05 23

Secret ingredient to bank customer onboarding – it’s a surprise

Literally. The secret ingredient is – a surprise. If a bank can surprise a customer with something that flies past expectations, it can create loyalty on the spot. Customer engagement is hotter than ever. One reason could be that all … Continue reading

11 02

Three tips of getting the most out of direct mail.

    1. Think tactile There’s research* out there that says “physical media [leaves] a ‘deeper imprint’ on the brain” than messaging you can’t pick up and touch. You’ll find a link below to this research, which we read about … Continue reading

11 10

Sales Pitch Lost its Fastball?

1. It’s not about you If you think you’re in the business of selling products or services to make money, you won’t. If you understand that you’re in the business of helping people solve their problems or reach their dreams, … Continue reading

07 29

Meet MD+A’s President and Founding Partner, Chris Duval

Make the seemingly impossible, possible. And make it easy and headache-free for our clients. That’s just the beginning of Chris Duval’s approach to success. As president of the agency, Chris draws upon his depth of planning and strategic experience to … Continue reading

07 15

Thank you, Google!

SEO has become the holy grail of digital marketing. Which, when you think about it, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. SEO is a tool. (Or an employee, if you have a Search Engine Optimizer on staff.) It should … Continue reading

06 13

Amazon…without a website???

When we were cruising around some of the ad/marketing groups on LinkedIn, we found a post about websites having become obsolete as a marketing tool. The writer’s rationale was that consumers are on the move. They don’t have time to … Continue reading

05 16

Meet MD+A’s Creative Director and Founding Partner, Connie McCabe

Connie has what she calls “dual citizenship.” She’s a native New Yorker, originally from the Bronx. She’s been living in Maine for over 20 years. She says, “if calling both New York and Maine your home was good enough for … Continue reading

04 22

Check out our work…

Everyone is talking about healthcare. We’ve been doing something about it for over 20 years. MD+A started partnering with healthcare providers and helping them develop and market centers of excellence since 1988 and we have not slowed down. Our innovative approach … Continue reading

04 14

We’ve never met a problem we didn’t like.

That’s because we live to find solutions. Our SMART™ Process is designed primarily for new customer acquisition. It’s a way to deliver the right message at the right times to the right audience via the right channels. SMART™ stands for Strategic Messaging Attracts Responsive Targets. It’s our … Continue reading