Select a Step


Kickoff, Goals and Objectives, Scope and Constraints, Interviews with Key Stakeholders Set Measurements for Success


Primary and/or Secondary Research, Internal and External Perceptions, Audience Profiling, Brand Audit, Competitive Analysis


Positioning, Messaging, Campaign


Quantitative and Qualitative, Focus Groups, Surveys, Interviews, Live Testing

Develop Launch

Winning Messages, Launch Plan

Measure, Refine

Print, Direct, Broadcast, Online, Web, Promotions, Collateral, Environmental

SMART,™ our secret weapon

We’ve never met a problem we didn’t like.

That's because we live to find solutions.

SMART™ stands for Strategic Messaging Attracts Responsive Targets. It's our proprietary step-by-step approach to finding solutions to even your most daunting challenges.

We start with a client's objectives, filter them through prospect/customer needs and perceptions, and uncover winning messages that increase awareness, generate leads and traffic, create sales, build loyalty, and start a long relationship.

It's SMART™ and it works.

Please see our other proprietary process, Customer Optimization.